A man of letters…but who really cares

post-nominal letters

Over the years I seem to have gathered a fairly large collection of letters after my name. These come from a variety of qualifications and professional memberships, and to be honest it has to stop.

Some of these qualifications and memberships have largely been gathered because of their letter-bearing status rather than for any personal or professional gain. Such letters are, by the way, called post-nominal (after-name) letters.

Some do have relevance in that they speak to particular parts of my life and in some ways bear the scars and wounds of those times as well as being somewhat of a trophy of endurance. My title for example, technically pre-nominal, stands at the centre of 11 years  that in many ways is the pivot around which I view my past, present and future. I can also think of a coaching qualification that (although taken at the time at the time to gather more letters) was helpful in gaining my first teaching position, not that the letters helped.

The one I am most proud of is my degree letters, significant because I achieved my degree (first-class) at the fifth attempt, due to health and other problems. However, since gaining the degree over 10 years ago, I’ve yet to have any employment which has enabled me to gain advantage of the graduate premium that degrees so often confer.

Later this year I hope to add MEd (second attempt). I would like to go on to do a doctorate, but I have decided only to do so if it is important because of specific professional development needs. Some more letters may be added if I complete my current professional training, although there is significant financial advantage to doing so. However, the letters aren’t the thing, but what they signify, and there are many ways of learning that don’t come up with such pre or post-nominal designations that are much more important.

Education isn’t about the gathering of letters but about the gathering of meaning of the world about us through lifelong learning and shared experiences with tutors and other learners. That is, for the future, my focus, my passion.

Anyway, just so you know…

Revd Graeme Lamb BA Hons (Open), CertSocSci, DipIT, DipLC (LC Inst), MBMA, MLCI, MSET

(see, way too much, about as useful as a sword made from biscuits)

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