Widmill, Bidston Hill
A photograph of the windmill at Bidston Hill, the highest point on the Wirral

I am a tutor in the FE (further education sector), teaching business & accountancy in a college in the north-west of England since 2014, having retrained and reskilled following a wide and varied employment history. Since training as a teacher/tutor I have completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Practice in Education at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) and will be completing a Masters in Professional Practice in Education at the same institution later in 2017.

I have also taught coaching and mentoring, having qualified as both a coach and a mentor prior to teaching, and am always interested in the importance and specifics of lifelong learning for all people. I see myself as someone who has learned at least, if not more, from my many mistakes in life as well as my successes, the greatest of which are my three children. I am particularly interested in working with people for whom educational opportunities have been limited due to physical or mental health problems, and my own schooling and higher education studies were often thwarted in my earlier years due to particular health issues

I have worked in recent years as a semi-professional photographer and writer, both areas in which I am always looking to develop over the coming years.

My interests include: walking (whilst listening to the audio edition of The Economist or the latest audiobook on Audible), computer & console gaming (although I have little time these days), classical music (both listening, playing & recording) and photography