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I got my degree at the fifth attempt, let’s review the tape for the highlights:

Attempt 1: University of Birmingham – American Studies. 12 weeks I lasted, the less said the 

Attempt 2: University of Surrey – Music. Spent nearly three years, passed the first year, struggled with a combination of health problems and being an idiot

Attempt 3: Open University – Sociology. Did one course, struggled to keep going

Attempt 4: Trinity College, Bristol. This went mostly okay and got a distinction for a Diploma in Theological Studies, but was only funded for two years rather than the recommended three

Attempt 5: Open University – Open degree. Here I got the third year credits I needed to get a degree, which was a first averaging about 80%

So what, you may ask, and that’s a fair point. The point is to keep going and not to give up, even though in reality that can be very difficult.

I spent a lot of my life frustrated at how little I achieved given my (perceived) intelligence, and it took a lot of work from myself to turn around my thinking and to see what I had in fact achieved, getting over my health problems and, at times, my own stupidity.

I also found that I achieved more when I stopped comparing myself to other people and used my own criteria for success. Now this is all very pithy and trite, but some stuff seems pithy and trite because at its core it is simple, however many of us overcomplicate and overthink things on a regular basis. Sometimes we are held back from recognising our successes because we erroneously compare ourselves to others and see our successes as being less significant than they are. Don’t do that, seriously. Don’t.

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