Recovering Beauty


This short piece of my writing is my brief and imperfect response to the events at Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017. Within the tragedy there were (not so hidden) many acts of great beauty – taxi drivers battling across counties and through trsffic to bring people safely, the simple yet profound gesture of an opened home and the offered landline or the thermos flask placed upon a car. We need to recover and remember the beauty that is all around us.

Beauty pulses – beating through the earth, hidden in the rhythms of the world around. Quietened but never silenced by the deep, dark, rackety tones of discord, ugliness and violence. Never absent, often in slumber, to be awakened in its own time; freed from the hidden and forgotten places.

Beauty is  the child, the familar giggle, the perfect, crooked smile; the transcendent, immeasurable embrace. Beauty is the parent,  the unceasing, unending love from the watchtower, a light shining ahead through the generations.

Beauty is the sunset captured, the exquisite sonic cadence; the sublime brushstroke and chiselled stone. Beauty is the crafted word, the early spring bloom, the incalescence of summer, the late autumn reddening pageant, unbroken yielding winter snow.

Beauty is the rediscovered friendship, old habitual patterns of love and alliance shared deep beyond words, beyond the present.

Beauty pulses, never skipping its beat: forever, always, unending



If you would like to listen to something beautiful, here are two pieces of music that I find beautiful.

The Book of Love – (YouTube)

Rachmaninov – 2nd Symphony, 3rd Movement (YouTube)


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