Word of the Work: Liability

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Welcome to a new section on the blog, where I will provide a weekly (during term-time) resource involving a word of the week. Each resource will be fully described on the resource page here, and also via:

  • a two-slide PowerPoint, including simple animations to guide the tutor and students through the word
  • a printable A4 colour PDF

These documents are not dated, and you can use them anytime, hopefully building up a resource during the year that you can use in later years. A library of these resources will be kept on a resources page, available from a tab at the top of the blog, for (hopefully) easy access.

These resources will be freely available for tutors and individuals to use in lessons and for individual usage, if you are just interested in expanding your vocabulary. I will be particularly interested in hearing from tutors who would like me to cover particular words during the year. You can get in touch with me via the Contact page of this blog. The blog post should be available late Friday afternoon each week, giving tutors time to plan to use it for the next week if so wished.

This week’s word is:



A thing whose presence of behaviour will put something at a disadvantage, an amount of money owed, a responsibility for something 


A noun, plural or singular



“The player is a liability to the team because of his poor performances” (noun)

“The liabilities of the business mean that it will struggle in the future”(noun)

“Lack of skills is a liability in the workplace” (noun)


Synonyms (same or similar meanings)

Obligation, duty, burden, responsibility, debt

Antonyms (opposite meanings)

Asset, irresponsibility, unaccountability


Challenge: how could  students use this word within their studies or course?


A4 colour-printable PDF  – WOTD – Liability

2-slide PPT (with animations) – WOTW – Liability

Tutor note: intangible is a word often used in finance to describe non-physical assets of a business, e.g. staff, brand etc.

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